Don’t Be Misled – Important Information for Home Buyers 

Do I have to have my mortgage with the estate agents own mortgage advisor to get an offer accepted on a property? 
The simple answer is NO. Most definitely not! 
There has been a lot written recently with regards the unscrupulous behaviour of some estate agents who have been making it conditional that a buyer uses their own in-house services to have an offer accepted or in some cases even have their offer put forward to the seller. It is something that people have spoken about down the years but certainly seems to have increased recently, no doubt fuelled by the clamour for property and some agents seeing it as an opportunity to easily push additional income streams under the pretence of trying to help the buyer. 
A link to a couple of the recent articles can be found here - 
Under law all offers received by an estate agent must be submitted to the seller and you do not have to use any of the estate agents’ additional services, but you should always be asked to provide evidence of any agreements you have in place. Estate agents have a responsibility to verify the financial position of all buyers and are required by the regulations we work under to verify the source of any funds being used to purchase a property. This should always be done as soon as the offer is received so that the seller can make an informed and educated decision as to whether to accept any offer, but you should never be told that your offer will not be considered/submitted unless you are using or consulting their own in-house services. 
A lot of people are finding it hard to secure a property at the moment and it is understandable you would want to do everything you can to give yourself the best chance but do not be misled by any agent trying to force you into using their in-house services. My advice to those looking to buy is make sure you are fully prepared prior to starting viewings and make sure you have your mortgage decision in principle (DIP) available and up to date, offer to show the estate agent at the viewing or email them the minute you make an offer. It is also worth having evidence of any accounts holding your deposit and finally it is also worth considering which solicitor you intend to use from the outset. 
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