Why it is worth instructing a Solicitor at the same time you do an Estate Agent 

Recent reports suggest that the average time taken from an offer being accepted to keys being handed over is around 150 days! Whilst plenty of sales go through quicker there are some simple things that can be done to try and reduce the time taken and one of the big ones is right at the start of the selling process. 
A lot of people instruct their estate agent to market their home but then don’t think about a solicitor until after they have accepted an offer. Once this happens, several calls are made to obtain different quotes and a decision made as to who you are going to use. At this point the chosen solicitor will issue a number of documents for you to complete as well as conduct their own identity checks and money laundering procedures and all of this can take several weeks. By appointing a solicitor at the very start all of this can be done and therefore once a sale is agreed and the memorandum of sale issued then your solicitor will be in position to issue a draft contract immediately, they have confirmation from the buyers representatives thus potentially saving a few weeks. 
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