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Why You Should Consider Selling at Christmas

November, 2021

Should I try and Sell Now or Wait Until Next Year?

In this blog we look at the advantages of selling your home this Christmas and why if you are thinking of selling you should consider acting now rather than waiting until 2022.

Halloween and Bonfire night been and gone a lot of people’s attentions turn towards Christmas and often that means putting home selling on the back burner until the New Year or even Spring. However, that may not be the best thing to do with plenty of reasons why trying to sell now is most likely to be your best option. Let’s have a look in more detail.

Power Buyer

There are tales every day of properties being sold over asking price, buyer’s not having offers accepted, not being able to book a viewing or having viewings cancelled as the property has been sold before they could get in the door. It is most likely that when you see the house of your dreams it will also be the dream of plenty of others so to give yourself the best chance of being successful you must either not be reliant on selling any other property or having a buyer already on your existing home.

Christmas Searches

Rightmove and Zoopla both report significant uplift in the number of people visiting their websites in the days immediately after Christmas than any other time of the year and these numbers are increasing year on year. With Christmas Day falling on a Saturday this year, some supermarkets being closed on Boxing Day and a bank holiday Monday and Tuesday, more people than ever are likely to have time on their hands to browse online and property remains most people’s favourite thing to browse. It makes sense to at least have your property visible for this period.


Ideally arrange to have your photos done before your decorations go up. If you like to have them up early, then don’t worry because they can still be taken and then refreshed in the New Year once the decorations are back down if the property has not sold. This will ensure your property presentation does not age.


We appreciate the importance of family time and with lots going on between Christmas and New Year it is likely you may not want viewings during that time. We can agree dates that are convenient for you in the New Year ahead of making your property live and whilst you enjoy the festivities, we can handle the enquiries. We can book the viewings within these pre agreed dates without even needing to disturb you and then provide a summary a couple of days before viewings commence.

Interest Rates

Although these were held at the current record low levels at the beginning of the month, they will be increasing with experts suggesting February 2022 as the most likely time for it to now happen. Currently fixed rate mortgages are available from as low as 1.19% but if you want to take advantage of the current low deals you need to have a buyer for your house and be buying another, so time is running out.

Supply and Demand

More people have moved home in Gloucester in 2021 than any time since 2007 yet with demand for homes up 35% on average and showing little signs of any significant change clearly there are still plenty more who wish they had been able to and will still be planning to do so. Added to that the annual New Year, new start mentality and it is likely that demand in the days after Christmas and New Year will again spike. Despite the best advice plenty of people will either wait or just not be ready to market their home just yet so by trying to sell your home early you face less competition from others. With the increased demand you have a better chance of not only selling but achieving the best price as well. What’s more it puts you in the best position to offer when the one you want appears. (See previous article -


Everybody’s circumstances and requirements are different, yet we can and will help create a plan that is individual and tailored to suit you. If you have any questions or wish to discuss how we can market your home this Christmas, then contact us and we will happily arrange to come and see you completely free and without any obligation. Please remember if you do decide to invite us to sell your home then you currently do not pay VAT on our fee.

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